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How to plan a wedding

michaelanddevinPlanning my own wedding more than twenty-five years ago was easy.  Get engaged to the love of my life then do what everyone else was doing.  Be engaged for a year.  Rent a big reception hall right away.  Book the church with the longest aisle.  Which live band to choose?  Which elite photographer?  Have your parents take out a second mortgage to cover the costs.  Order invitations months in advance with lots of tissue paper inserts.  Invite three hundred of your closest family and friends.  Done!

Wait a minute.  I didn’t do any of that.

We got creative way back before Pinterest existed and made the most of our three-month engagement.  My sweet little parish was available.  The family run Italian restaurant had a room open.  I could make my own invitations.  The best man’s brother could take pictures.  We could invite seventy-eight of the best people in our lives at the time.  Then… let’s pitch a tent in my parents back yard.  Get a keg.  Play some cassettes.  Have more food.  Done!  Perfectly.

How to plan my daughter’s wedding?  Get creative!  Set a generous and affordable budget.  Choose a venue based something unique such as great scenery, excellent menu, or top-notch service.  Bring in some experts, such as the most experienced DJ, baker, or catering manager.  Go to a Bridal Expo to spot trends, get inspired, and find discounts.  Choose a broad theme, such as Desert Garden and be flexible with colors; shades of green with accent colors of coral, pinks, and purples.  Make our own centerpieces and cute favors.  Decorate a big tent with streamers, twinkle lights, fresh flowers without feeling obligated to use tulle.

But that’s all the easy stuff.   The harder stuff is connected to time management.  List everything that needs to be done in a format that is accessible to all involved, like Google Docs.  Communicate via email to ensure a paper trail.  Prioritize all the tasks; Evernote has been a Godsend for ranking tasks.  Then get going!  Put tasks on the calendar and move  more quickly than I think I need to.

Yet the hardest stuff of all is to take care of everyone involved.  Emotions run high and low and high again.  Weddings touch people’s hearts and hurts so go forward with great care.  Gentle, gentle, gentle.  This is among the greatest opportunities in life to love many and to love them deeply by simply considering their wants and needs.  To do all this loving, I need to take care of myself, pace myself, and get as much help as I can muster.

My daughter marries on June 8th, 2013.  We’ve been creative and organized, dumb-founded and confused, elated and deflated.  There has been a lot of crying, even more laughing, and very little tulle.  And I can’t wait to watch the love of my life walk my baby girl down the aisle to the love of her life.

Gray Stripe Earned:  Planning a wedding filled with love is worth it! 


6 comments on “How to plan a wedding

  1. Stef Ofhfs
    June 5, 2013

    oh my goodness!!! that’s this weekend!! so excited for D and M, and all of you Angie. many prayers and Congratulations!!

    • Angie Mc
      June 6, 2013

      Thanks so much, stef! We’re overwhelmed with life & love 🙂 Our best to you & yours ❤

  2. andrewmstevenson
    June 17, 2013

    I expect by now all the excitement of that special day will have calmed. Gavin, our eldest, and Alice have been married for 18 months now. They organised and catered for their guests by and large by themselves with help from their friends. It was a beautiful wedding. We all trudged up a snowy hill, held hands to form a circle and moved through an arch of hawthorn they both had created years beforehand. Then the marriage was conducted at a Registrars Office nearby. The wedding feast was at a friends house (the mother of one of Gavin’s old girlfriends). And the supper was at a local (down the street) pub. All the food provided and prepared, as I say, by Gavin and Alice. Beautiful.
    Contrast my brother’s wedding, at the Registrars Office (by bus,there and back) and a lunch of meat and potato pie made by Mum. Straight after, Ray had to go back to work at the farm.
    Our own wedding was somewhere in between, though it involved a lot of travelling. From Isle of Lewis to Sheffield. From Germany to Sheffield. From Sheffield to Truro. And from Truro back to Isle of Lewis. A journey of a few hundred miles, by train, in a week. Not including the plane journey Sue made from Germany.
    Happy days. Love and blessings.

    • Angie Mc
      June 18, 2013

      Oh, Andrew, thank you for sharing such sweet stories with me! Yes, our daughter’s wedding was amazing and now I’m enjoying a bit of a rest 🙂 The most important moments were those of tenderness, promises, and trust shared. The most fun moments included many toasts, much dancing, and cheering! Life is often difficult, yet worth every effort made in the name of faith, hope & love…celebrating helps ❤

      I hope your summer is off to a wonderful start! My best to you & your loved ones 🙂

  3. Peggy zwiebel
    June 27, 2013

    Congratulations, Angie!!! Best of luck and love to Devon and her groom! Sure looks like your life is happy and sweet! I miss you….please contact me when you are visiting family here! Love you!!!!

    • Angie Mc
      June 27, 2013

      Thank you, (((Peggy)))! I’ve been thinking about you; still happily remembering last August ❤ My whole family came out for the wedding & we had a BLAST! So I don't think I'll be back to Scranton this summer. Will you all do another clambake? I want to hear all about it 🙂

      And thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂 It was super sweet to see you here. My love to you & your family ❤

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