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Becoming whole through family life. Desserts help.

Sweet names

IMG_2229Little did I know when I started calling my husband, “Honey,” in our early years of marriage that the nickname would stick.  Honey is literally sweet.  Sweet names can minimize the bitter or enhance the bland in life.  Marriage needs sweetness.

My first baby became “Sweetheart” early, and Sweetheart she remains. My second baby became “Babe,” giving our family a glimpse into his future Ruth-like passion for baseball. My third baby became “Spunky,” then morphed into “Little Man.”  He’s taller than me now.  We called our youngest “Chunky Monkey” and “Hunk a Chunk of Burnin’ Love” then “Lovey Dovey.”  When littles ones get into mischief, face illness, or suffer in other ways, sweet names remind us to be tender.

My babies aren’t babies anymore.  My daughter is now “The Bride to Be.”  My oldest son is “Big Mac” or “A Mac” and my second son is “Little Mac” or “I Mac” which sounds like “IMAX” – bigger than life.  These names are confidence builders you’ll hear shouted from dugouts during their baseball games.  My littlest guy is JP, short for John Paul.  I still call him John Paul and “Sweet Baby” when no one else is listening.  My children may not be babies, but they’ll always be my sweet babies.

Grown women don’t tend to give each other nicknames.  I have noticed, though, that my closest friends and I call each other “sister.”  Or “sista” when we’re rockin’ the cool talk. Makes us laugh, especially when times are tough.

My personal favorite sweet name was given to me by my husband.  He calls me “Beautiful.”  I’m convinced that by calling me this sweet name for so long, he has actually made me so.  Who knew that one word could make such an impact on a woman’s happiness?

Sweet names are mysteriously powerful.  They show we are special, build relationships between loved ones, and help form our identity in a positive way.   The opposite is true.  So be careful about what names we give each other.  Give, and accept, only sweet names.

Do you have a sweet name?  Have you given a loved one a sweet name?

Gray Stripe Earned:  Give and receive sweet names.


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