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Worth doing

Enamored with twitter but languishing there for a year, this past July I decided to learn how to tweet better.  To increase my online transparency I added this blog as a platform beyond 140 characters to show The Real Me.

But dang blogging is difficult! For example, I’m funny.  Can I get laughs to translate to this blog? About as often as my always hungry dog doesn’t want his breakfast.  My words and pictures too often fall flat, stilted, and worst of all, boring.  As should be expected.  G. K. Chesterton quipped, “Anything worth doing is worth doing badly.”  Having an online presence is worth doing, however badly at this point, in the hopes of eventually doing good.

photo (1)

I have a habit of grabbing paper and producing grids, charts, and graphs whenever I’m trying to make sense of just about anything.  I try not to drive my family too crazy with them.  This grid pictured popped into my head when I was pondering 2013.  See that yellow square, the empty space of intersection between God and Love?  That’s what I want to fill up in 2013 both online and off. It’s a Love God thing.

The Golden Rule, Matthew 7:12.  The Greatest of these is love, 1 Corinthians 13:13.  Think about these things, Philipians 4:8.  God is love, 1 John 4:16. Have love one another, John 13:35.  The only proper and adequate attitude is love, Pope John Paul II.  Love God above all things and our neighbor as ourselves for love of God, Catechism 1822.  It’s a God Love thing.

And St. Thérèse de Lisieux encouraged, “Without love, deeds, even the most brilliant, count as nothing.”  So I’ll keep slogging blogging along.  Because love counts.

A loving and happy 2013 to all!

Gray Stripe Earned: Anything worth doing is worth doing badly. ~ G.K. Chesterton


11 comments on “Worth doing

  1. The worst blog posts are the ones you don’t write.

    Keep on keepin’ on and everything else will take care of itself.

    • angiemc6
      January 8, 2013

      Thanks for stopping by, Adam. You are right! I appreciate your encouragement as well as the belly laughs I get from reading your blog 🙂

  2. dmdobbins98
    January 11, 2013

    I love your chart! I’m sure you’ll fill it up with love this year. You never know how many people you touched who didn’t comment but smiled nonetheless. 🙂

    • angiemc6
      January 12, 2013

      Thanks a bunch, Michelle! You made me smile 🙂 Have a great weekend.

  3. Cinema Profound
    January 11, 2013

    I love this, and I’m hard to please. Keep at it, Angie.

    • angiemc6
      January 12, 2013

      Thank you very much, Sidney, for your encouraging words and for connecting. I peeked at your blog and see you are a twitter fan! See you there 🙂

  4. Cinema Profound
    January 12, 2013

    That I am. I’m big on service and community. I hope you’ll go back and read an actual article. I’m more than a list maker, LOL. 🙂

    • angiemc6
      January 15, 2013

      I look forward to reading beyond your lists, Sidney! Have a great week 🙂

  5. jubileejourney
    January 15, 2013

    I do love blogging, but unlike you I never got the hang of tweeting. I have an account have have never posted. I do make the occasional post on FB. Still trying to find a way to connect my FB & blogging. Perhaps this year with God’s help, you and I could do better at what we struggle with.

    • angiemc6
      January 15, 2013

      Thanks for connecting JJ 🙂 We are fortunate, and sometimes overwhelmed, to have so many social media options. Keep blogging (yours are gorgeous and heart-felt.) And then, yes, let’s find other ways to bring joy to ourselves and others via blogs, twitter, facebook… who knows? 🙂

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