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The Boss chose me

photoMy best friends chipped in their precious pennies to purchase a birthday gift for me, The River by Bruce Springsteen, when I “was just seventeen.” While I owned other albums at the time, I consider this my first real album. Unlike Frampton Comes Alive! purchased when I was just a kid, The River had depth and played its part to launch me into the adult world.

For my most recent birthday, again I received The Boss as a present. His Wrecking Ball Tour came to Arizona, far away from my hometown.  Third song in, he broke into I’m a Rocker, an obscure song from The River. My husband didn’t recognize it. I knew every word. We sang, clapped, laughed, cried, prayed, and danced in the dark for a three hour concert.

Not everyone gets Bruce Springsteen. I get that.  They may not like old school rock, or aren’t from the east coast, or are of a different generation. They may not agree with his politics or may find hypocrisy in his working man lyrics. They may have outgrown him. But I do get Bruce Springsteen and the passion, even when The Boss and I disagree, and I’m grateful. While Bruce isn’t for everyone, everyone needs a Bruce.  I hope all find music that makes them happier, more thoughtful, engaged and loving.  When I listen to my kids’ music with them, I hope they are finding their Bruce.

Back when my friends and I were buying albums, we had no idea what music or which musicians would or could grow with us and stay. We gave our hearts away to some who didn’t or couldn’t reciprocate. Bruce didn’t just make music, he asked people to join him, to grow and stay together.  I didn’t just buy his music, I said yes to him and a future together, not knowing what I was getting myself into.  Glad we both did.

My most meaningful relationships are like this. We meet and mysteriously connect. We grow together. We stay together through thick and thin. We sing, clap, laugh, cry, and pray together. We choose each other. While Bruce Springsteen didn’t choose me out of the crowd to Dance in the Dark, he definitely chose me. Hey baby!

My Gray Stripe Earned: When music chooses me, I say yes.


3 comments on “The Boss chose me

  1. burnettfreelanceimagery
    January 15, 2013

    Springsteen Rules!!! Even if you didn’t ‘get in to him’ until The River, that’s ok – many people didn’t start listening or ‘getting’ him until after the release of ‘Born in the U.S.A.’ . My first experience of listening to him was in college and began with ‘Thunder Road’. His days with the East Street Band I still consider to be his best, but the later more ‘pop’ sound works as well. I was priviledged to see him perform many times, but none more personal than when he played in a small club in downtown Cleveland. Bruce Rocks plain and simple!

    • angiemc6
      January 16, 2013

      Thanks so much for stopping by Boss Fan Stan! I was raised in Scranton, PA, and honestly don’t remember life before Bruce. Growing up on the wrong side of the tracks, many of my friends’ older brothers identified with and listened to early Bruce. They would drive into New Jersey to see him play in small bars before he hit the big time, and beyond. I felt so cool, so mature getting my first Springsteen album. I saw him in Philly for the Born in the USA tour and was quite smug about knowing ALL his music to that point 🙂 Oh what I would give to have been at the small club in downtown Cleveland! Thanks for sharing such a great memory. Have a great week!

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