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Twitter kindness

Wandering an airport lost is humble pie in the making. Fortunately for me while recently traveling between Phoenix and Denver, a kindly old man saw my confusion and offered help. Then while on the plane, the young passenger next to me quietly worked with a smile, allowing me to do the same. Arriving at baggage claim, a gentleman lifted my bag off the carousel without being asked. I was the grateful recipient of many such kindnesses that trip.

I enjoy giving kindness too.  One of my favorite places to give and receive kindness is on twitter.  There are endless reasons why I, and many others, use twitter for personal and professional reasons. Considering my full life and tight schedule, why would I add one more “unessential” activity?

Eighty-five percent of adults find most people are kind on social media. From experience I agree, and wish I could get such great odds and positive return in all areas of my life, such as financial investments!  Bit Rebels shares this very helpful post 10 Acts of Twitter Kindness. And here are few more kindnesses I’ve been privileged to give and/or receive:

  • Call by name.  I wasn’t hooked on twitter until someone used my name, Angie, in an @ mention. For almost a year I shared and received twitter content.  Seeing my name, made me social.
  • Sweet pet names.  I love seeing honey, sugar, tweetheart, and the like tossed around like rose pedals at a wedding.
  • Make ’em laugh.  From wisecracks about sports to jokes about twitter jail, Laughing Out Loud is happy making.
  • Watch the video, listen to the music, check out the business webpage, read the blog post.  A real musician, artist, writer, or business owner puts their heart and soul into their production.  Their passion shows.
  • Give a buck.  Fundraisers like crowdfunding for creativity and fundraising for donors and non-profits make giving easy.
  • Thank veterans, parents, teachers, politicians, and public servants of all kinds for their service.
  • Pictures are worth more than 140 characters. Share uplifting, interesting, funny, pics.
  • Link to content that reflects your life like recipes, articles, television, movies, music and other personal favorites. Gives followers a chance to get to know you.
  • Contribute to a group. Beth was the first to include me in a twitter group. I still look forward to her group chats and have connected with some of the best through her.
  • Show common courtesy. Say thank you, you’re welcome, please, good morning, good night, etc.  I especially find it endearing to have tough guys refer to me as ma’am.
  • Compliment and connect specifically. Saying, “I’m from Arizona too” goes a long way to feeling welcomed.
  • Give an encouraging word. Get well soon, safe travels, sorry for your loss, are healing words.
  • Twitter art.  I’m a sucker for all the coffee mugs, hearts, TGIFs, and more.
  • Assume the best. Never judge a twitter follower exclusively by their profile page. Look at their tweets. That’s where their social media self lies.

Life is difficult for everyone. Kindness is love in action, a way to lighten our heavy loads. A hug when we’re suffering. A pleasant hello when we’re lonely. A joke when we’re down. An interesting article when we’re unmotivated. An inspiring quote when we’re lethargic. A smile when we’ve tried and failed.  Twitter isn’t, nor would I want it to be, an artificial bed of roses.  Real twitter kindness is real love in action.  Just as real and appreciated as heroics offered at airports.

Gray Stripe Earned: Social media offers a variety ways and means to give and receive kindness.


4 comments on “Twitter kindness

  1. In-House Counsel
    October 29, 2012

    Interesting thoughts. I know so little about Twitter. Think I will learn more.

    • angiemc6
      October 30, 2012

      Great to see you, Molly! My daughter first introduced me to twitter. She knows me well and thought the efficient and succinct words would interest…and challenge me 🙂 I’m certainly not a twitter pro but will gladly banter with you about it. It is a very forgiving and approachable platform, thank goodness. Would love to hear what you think about it!

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