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Theater shooting

A few days ago on Thursday, July 19th my sixteen-year-old son was doing his chores with great energy.  I knew something was up.  “Mom, I’m going to make some calls and see who can go to the midnight premiere of Batman.  Devin and Ian can go.  I’ll get a ticket for Dad, too.  Is that OK with you?”  I gave him a knowing smile and replied, “Sure.”

I have never been to a midnight premiere.  Thursday I stayed home with my youngest and watched The Incredibles instead.  My husband is the movie buff who loves to join our kids at the cinema after a long day of work.  Together they enjoy the extra excitement of a midnight premiere, knowing a packed house of kindred spirits will join in the fun.  Thursday night was no exception.  They found baseball friends, laughed at innocent pranks, checked out costumes, and enjoyed being the first to see The Dark Knight Rises, which they described as a great movie.

We would find out about the singular act of evil and attack on precious life while my husband and children were driving home.

Ten years ago, my husband properly exited a job. He was then falsely reported as being fired by a man who wanted to cause him harm. This man’s lie effectively made my husband unemployable until proven innocent (which he was) due to the high security level needed for his work.  This act, a lie easily written in a second, attacked my husband’s character and livelihood which burdened our family for months and changed the direction of our lives forever.  We were shocked, angry, hurt, confused, frustrated, and emotions for which I don’t have a name.  We were a typical good family doing typical good family things. How could this happen to us?  At the time we didn’t know deeply through personal experience, that we were vulnerable.  Since then our family has grieved many losses and has united with others who face the worst.

My losses pale in comparison, yet I am weeping with the families whose loved ones are innocent victims of one man’s evil.  My sincerest sympathy goes out to all affected by this senseless and brutal attack on everyone and everything that is good.  I am grateful for the emergency responders and citizens of Aurora and Colorado who are heroes.  I pray that all will be protected and comforted in our greatest time of need.

Gray Stipe Earned:  We can love and pray each other through our darkest times, to the light of goodness.


3 comments on “Theater shooting

  1. Tracey McAlpine
    August 24, 2012

    What a moving and thought provoking post. I hope that you and your family never have to encounter such a hurtful experience ever again. I wish you much happiness.

    • angiemc6
      August 25, 2012

      Thank you for your encouragement and kind words, Tracey! Hard times are hard yet knowing we can count each other helps ease the pain and draw us closer. Grateful! Hope you are having a great weekend:)

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